Sunday, August 29, 2010

Always check the meds

I had a horrendous relapse last week. My gluten sensitivity is apparently so intense that any sort of cross contamination sends me into full blown food poisoning-like symptoms. I went to CVS to gather a supply of the necessary rations (Dramamine, Maloxx, Imodium, ginger ale) and realized I needed Ibuprofpen as well. In keeping with my new declaration to "read every and all labels", the pain reliever was no exception.
Then I came across this:
.. which stunned me. I took this box and a box of regular ibuprofen to the pharmacist counter and asked the man standing there if this meant that all other forms of their ibuprofen contain gluten? He answered that the brown coating on the pills does contain gluten.


Great, which I have been taking for years, as has my dad.

So I guess the moral of my experience is that when it comes to meds, buy brand name. I checked on Advil (Canada?) website and it said:

Q: Is Advil gluten-free and is it safe for people with celiac disease to take?
A: Advil is gluten-free and is safe for individuals with celiac disease.

Promising, though I'm not sure if Canada's requirements are different than the US.

Conclusion- if Canada can do it, so can the US. I plan to investigate more meds considering I just spend $30 at CVS and I'm not sure I can even use half these things.

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