Sunday, June 19, 2011

I think I live in the best city in the world...

..for gluten-free food! My next few posts are going to debunk my previous declarations that I can never find a place to eat, or the information I need, or the food I like to buy. Today, we tackles the NYTimes.

Now, there are many cities in the continental US. LA has their foodies; Portland is all about organic awareness; I know that Chicago has their Gluten Free Expo. But New York has begun to flourish on their gluten-free awareness just in the past year. I moved here in October of 2009 and slowly immersed myself in the NY food scene, but there wasn't a lot of coverage on it- until now! I am ALL ABOUT the New York Times' new flourish of gluten free goodness.

Health section writer,Tara Paker-Pope, wrote this little blurb about recent gluten discoveries, linking in all the other NYT articles. My favorite one though is by well known food writer and author of In The Kitchen With A Good Appetite, Melissa Clark. I digg the part in her article about mixing your own all-purpose flour and measuring the different ingredients by weigh as opposed to by quantity. It's a duh-- it makes so much sense! That Melissa Clark knows what she's talking about.

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